We at WAHDAH are excited to announce our new booking flow for our online car rental booking system. This new flow will improve your experience by reducing the steps needed to book a car from WAHDAH.


There are 5 steps in the current booking flow


  1. Place Booking
  2. Accept Booking
  3. Pay Deposit
  4. Assign Car
  5. Receive Car


With the new improvement, we have reduce the steps to 3, which are


  1. Book and  Pay Rental & Deposit charge
  2. Accept the booking and Assign car
  3. Receive Car


In this new flow, you will make a booking and provide the payment details. Once the booking has been accepted, the amount will be charged to your account. This will reduce the waiting time for both, which are the customer and WAHDAH.

Please bear in mind, no CASH PAYMENT will be required or accepted during car receipt.


With this new flow, we hope to ease your booking experience with less worry over bringing cash during travel and have a peace of mind.


Please do not hesitate to email ask@wahdah.my or call us at +607 234 8645 / Hotline : +6016 778 4594 for any inquiries.

We thank you for your continuous supports and hope it will keep continue for many years to come.