Majority of people think renting a car is expensive. Even in Malaysia, renting a car for traveling or vacation is only for people with deep pocket. Is it true? That is a hoax. Renting a car should save your money more than owning a car. We have some solid reasons for saying that bold statement.


  1. Avoid the annoying high maintenance fee

Maintenance fee for one car nowadays is not cheap. This is a fact that most of us  already knew. But this problem is only for those who own a car. You should able to forget this problem by renting a car. Even for long-term rental, all major car rental companies manage the maintenance of the rental car. This also includes road tax and insurance that can go as high as thousands of ringgit.  


  1. Switch/upgrade car for special occasions

You can change or upgrade your car without costing too much money. Many car rental companies provide the service to upgrade your rental car with some additional charges. Still, this is an advantage only for those who rent a car. So, those who rent a car can easily change their car to match the occasion or the event that they are attending.


  1. Wide variety of automobile type to choose from

Car rental industry provide almost any type of vehicles with almost any brand in different class, ranging from economic to luxury or even sportscar, you can get almost any types of car you need. So, renting a car is not restricting your choices but it is given you a a variety with bundles of selection of cars for you to choose from.


  1. Get your desired image

Car also bring out the person personality or image. Pretty much people judge someone by looking at the vehicle they drive. Although this sound like a child fact, the reality is somewhat differ. For example, if you saw a person drive a BMW X6, do you think that the person is someone not wealthy or middle class people? Of course that is not the case. So, renting car is better because it you can project your image or personality that you desired.


  1. Don’t need to worry about breakdowns

Renting a car not only benefit in term of saving money, but it also put the client at peace of mind. Usually, all car rental companies will assist you if you ever suffer a breakdown. If the car cannot be repaired in short timeframe, you’ll get a replacement car without any extra charges.  


  1. Save money at the fuel stations

One of the big advantages of driving a rental car is you can choose to rent a vehicle that is eco-friendly. Usually this type of vehicles uses less fuel, so you’ll get a slightly better mileage than your private vehicle. The car rental company generally provides a car that age not more than 3-5 years. So, you should save even more money using the brand new car or latest vehicle rather than an old outdated vehicle for long distance travel.