How planning ahead could save fuel?

Fuel cost is a cost that we can’t avoid every day when we are using our own transport to go around and traveling. Most of us is taking it for granted, does not mean we should not think a new way to cut the cost or trying with some method that would cut the cost of fuel usage. 

We all heard before, there is too many way to save fuel and some of the method that we heard is might be just a myth. This is because the effect on the fuel usage maybe too little until we do not notice it. 

So, to make it clear for what we are trying to achieve in cutting the fuel cost is to practice the method that most effective and relevant. Here is the tips that is easily to practice, no skill required, just discipline and determination to make a change. 

1. Plan your Routes

Think ahead your journey, does not matter if it traveling out from town of just regular weekend around the city, always plan ahead so that you would not wasting your fuel for stucking in an avoidable traffic jam, also if you plan ahead you could save fuel by choosing the best route or shopping mall that is nearer to you. This could be done with the help of technology such as waze and google map to get you the best route and keeping you updated in real time for any obstacles and congestion of the traffic. 

2. Drive Properly 

Driving style also will effect on fuel consumption as reckless driving and unnecessary gear changing will get the vehicle to consume more fuel. If your journey is planned, chance that you will be rushing and drive recklessly is lower and you get to save the fuel. 

3. Think Rationally

Renting a car is one of option to educate your self to estimate your fuel cost and your time as well. In fact, it’s not just an avoid the cost of your yearly travel expenses, but it also to avoid of facing your personal liability. All the charges of renting the cars come with fixed invoice, so will make easier for you to plan your budget for traveling. Maintained engine also will help to save the consumption of the fuel. 

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