Do you know that tyre can affect a car stability and handling? A good and suitable tyre can even increase your safety during your driving. Looking at the importance of tyre for the car overall safety and performance, we share with you some info that you should ‘already’ know before you choose to buy or change the car tyres.

Note of shape & design of the tyre

Width: The width of the tyre, set as W in millimeter (mm) unit.

Radial: Tyre of a round shape.

Rim Diameter: Rim diameter in Inch unit.

Aspect ratio: The ratio of height to width in percent (%) unit.

Load Index: Load capacity that can be incurred by the tyre

Speed Rates: Maximum of speed that can be accommodate by the tyre

A good, durable and suitable tyres can ensure your upcoming journey will be without any problems. So, don’t ignore the car tyre condition just because it’s ‘look okay’ in your eyes.