5 Common Causes of Road Accident in Malaysia

Generally, road accidents can happen in any part of the globe. The reason and cause may not be the same based on where it happened. Why? Because different places have different type of problems and factors. Let’s take a look at some common causes of road accidents in Malaysia.


1. Transportation

“Different modes of transport pose different risks. Accidents are bound to happen no matter how you travel – whether on foot, a bicycle, motorcycle, in a car, bus or even an airplane. The key word here is “momentum”, which takes into account the mass of a vehicle and its velocity.


2. Road Constraints

There are just too many constructions going on and even the designs of urban infrastructure can be considered as obstructions and contribute to accidents. Certain roads leading to difficult places are not smooth or straight – and the situation is compounded by sharp corners or edges – there is a need to travel at safe speeds.


3. Distracted driving

  • Hands-free phone while driving may also cause mental distraction.
  • Simple gestures and innocent actions such as eating, chatting with the rest of your passengers and smoking can lead to road mishaps.
  • Looking or staring at interesting imageries can cause one to lose focus.
  • Listening to music can also cause one to crash. But others may argue that if a vehicle cabin is too silent, there is a high chance of falling asleep behind the wheel.


4. Driver behaviour, attitude and human error

  • Misuse the signal lights before taking corner.
  • Turning on the hazard light at inappropriate times.
  • Making turns without signalling left or right can be very risky.
  • In 2014, there were about 65,883 accident cases on Malaysian roads involving car drivers and motorcyclists, based on statistics revealed by the Bukit Aman Traffic Unit. This was at least 5.4 percent higher than the 62,519 cases recorded in 2013.


5. Convoys and Illegal racing

Bike convoys, especially, are more prone towards crashes. Some highways and roads are not built or designed for motorcycles.  So always practice precaution and travel as safe as possible.


Credit to http://www.motorme.my & piktochart.com