5 Tips to Ensure Your Safety When Driving in Haze

Driving in haze was not something everyone are fond of. It’s difficult and really uncomfortable as you need to stay cautious and alert (focus) all the time while driving. Some of us might even...

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Rancang percutian anda dengan Kalendar Cuti Panjang Malaysia 2019

Adakah anda telah merancang masa dan tarikh percutian anda untuk tahun depan? Perancangan awal pastinya akan memudahkan kita menempuh perjalanan jauh dan...

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Pantai Cenang: A Beach Full with Attractions

If you are looking for a quick holiday getaway, hassle free and has everything within easy reach, Cenang Beach is a place for you. You will love this beach strip because it has everything within walking distance. The...

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The Ancient Island of Langkawi

You can hear the sound of vehicles everywhere. Skyscrapers all around wherever you go. There’s only a medium size tree in a big pot beside the road. There’re also some big trees and flowers, only in a park though. It must be felt very...

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